Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 || 28 Jul 2020 ||

Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

28 JUL 2020

(Q.01) Who has been nominated as the vice chairman of Paris based UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins/International Union of Railways)?
1) Vinod Kumar
2) Pradeep Kumar
3) Rajesh Tiwari
4) Arun Kumar

Ans. :-(4)Arun Kumar

About UIC
Headquarters – Paris, France
Membership countries – 194 members
Chairman – Mr. Gianluigi Castelli  (Previous: Mr. Renato MAZZONCINI 2017-2018)
President and CEO – Mr. Ali Ihsan Uygun
Director General – Francois Davenne (UIC)
About RPF
Headquarters – New Delhi, India
Minister responsible – Mr. Piyush Goyal, Union Minister-Railways

(Q.02) Which country has added Reliance Jio among “Clean Telcos” companies list (July 2020)?
1) United States
2) Russia
3) India
4) Japan

Ans. :-(1) United States

i.The aggregate m-cap of RIL stands at Rs 13.17 lakh crore or USD 176.4 billion.
ii.RIL’s  partly paid-up shares listed separately have a m-cap of Rs 46,702.88 crore. 
iii.RIL’s partly paid-up shares crossed the Rs 1,100 level for the first time.
About RIL
Headquarters– Mumbai,Maharashtra
CEO– Mukesh Ambani

(Q.03) Which form was revised by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to enhance the flow of information between taxpayers and tax authorities (July 2020)?
1) Form 10CA
2) Form 10BA
3) Form 26AS
4) Form 26BA

Ans. :-(3) Form 26AS

In order to enhance the flow of information between taxpayers and tax authorities, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has launched a revised auto-generated Form 26AS namely “Annual Information Statement (AIS)” from this assessment year of 2020-2021 w.e.f. June 1. The key difference between the new and old form is that the former will also reflect the details of “specified financial transactions (SFT)” i.e. all high-value transactions of individuals, companies, partnership firms, etc. which are filed with the tax department under Section 285BA of the Income-tax Act, 1961

(Q.04) Which payments bank partnered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to train and skill the youth in rural India for financial service sector jobs?
1) Fino Payments Bank
2) Airtel Payments Bank
3) Jio Payments Bank
4) Paytm Payments Bank

Ans. :-(2) Airtel Payments Bank

About Airtel Payments Bank:
Headquarters– New Delhi, India
Managing Director(MD) and Chief Executive Officer(CEO)– Anubrata Biswas
About NSDC:
Headquarters– New Delhi, India
MD & CEO- Manish Kumar

(Q.05) Which feature of United Payments Interface (UPI) was launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at Global Fintech Festival 2020.
1) UPI Scan
2) UPI Auto Pay
3) UPI Pay
4) UPI Cash

Ans. :-(2) UPI Auto Pay

In order to ease online recurring payments in India, NPCI introduced a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) AutoPay feature. It is a one-stop fintech payment solution that allows customers to create e-mandate through their UPI ID or QR Scan. For transactions less than Rs. 2,000, customers have to authenticate their account through UPI PIN for one-time and subsequent monthly payments would be debited automatically. For an amount greater than Rs. 2,000, a UPI PIN authentication will be required for every mandate.

(Q.06) Which organization partnered with State Bank of Mauritius, Enkash, YAP & Rupay to launch commercial card named SBM EnKash RuPay business card?
4) UPI

Ans. :-(1) NPCI

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched RuPay commercial card named SBM EnKash RuPay Business Card in partnership with State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) India, EnKash, YAP (API- Application Programing Interface provider) and RuPay for young entrepreneurs and small business owners. The card will be disbursed through SBM touchpoints.

(Q.07) Name the space start-up which has developed India’s first in-orbit space debris monitoring and tracking system.
1) Earth2Orbit
2) Dhruva
3) TeamIndus
4) Digantara

Ans. :-(4) Digantara

A Space start up namely Digantara Research and Technology (DRT) which has developed India’s first in-orbit space debris monitoring and tracking system that works on LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has been selected by SID (Society for Innovation and Development) incubation program at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. In this regard, the startup has received a grant of Rs 25 lakhs which will be used to develop space debris monitoring systems and the company’s expansion.

(Q.08) Name the UV disinfectant system which was co-developed by International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) & Vehant Technologies.
1) AmitScan
2) LiteScan
3) KritiScan
4) JeevanScan

Ans. :- (3) KritiScan

In order to control spread of infection through baggage, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Hyderabad, an autonomous R&D Centre of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India and Vehant Technologies, Noida have co-developed KritiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection System.

(Q.09) Jon Rahm who is in news recently is associated with which sport?
1) Golf
2) Cricket
3) Football
4) Badminton

Ans. :-(1) Golf

Jon Rahm became the first Spaniard since Seve Ballesteros in 1989 to hold golf’s world number one ranking, fending off a late challenge Sunday to win the US PGA Memorial tournament.

(Q.10) Who is the author of the photo-book, ‘Spirit of Cricket’?
1) Steve Waugh
2) Chris Gayle
3) Yuvraj Singh
4) Brian Lara

Ans. :-(1) Steve Waugh

Australia’s 1999 World Cup-winning skipper and legendary batsman Steve Waugh had been in India before the Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc in the world. Waugh was on a mission to discover cricket in India with his camera for his photobook “Spirit of Cricket”.

(Q.11) On the request of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Government of India (GoI) has extended medical assistance in the form of anti-tuberculosis medicines worth about US$ _____ million to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
1) 2 million
2) 1.5 million
3) 1 million
4) 3 million

Ans. :-(3) 1 million

About Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK):
Capital– Pyongyang
Currency– North Korean won

(Q.12) India builds one kilometer (km) long World’s first electrified rail tunnel that fits double stack containers. Who is the chairman of railway board ?
1) Piyush Goyal
2) V.K Yadav
3) S.C. Angadi
4) BSV Prakash Kumar

Ans. :-(2) V.K Yadav

About the ministry of Indian Railways:
Union Railway Minister -Piyush Goyal
Chairman Railway board – V.K Yadav
Minister of State -Suresh Channabasappa Angadi

(Q.13) As per the new analysis by Comparitech on the World’s Most Surveilled Cities 2020, in 150 major cities across the globe, which citi has positioned in 16th rank among  the list of top 20 cities with the maximum number of Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras. 
1) Hyderabad
2) Mumbai
3) Pune
4) Bangalore

Ans. :-(1) Hyderabad

Top 20 Cities in the World
RankCitiesCameras per 1,000 people
16Hyderabad, India29.99 cameras
1Taiyuan, China119.57 cameras
2Wuxi, China92.14 cameras
3London, England (UK)67.47 cameras
         Other  Indian cities in top 50
21Chennai25.52 cameras
33Delhi14.18 cameras

(Q.14) In accordance with the latest Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2020 brought out by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), India has ranked ______  among the top 10 countries that have gained in forest areas during 2010-2020. 
1) 4th
2) 2nd
3) 3rd
4) 7th

Ans. :-(3) 3rd

About Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):
Director-General (DG)– Qu Dongyu
Headquarter– Rome, Italy

Top 10 Countries are- 1st-China, 2nd-Australia, 3rd-India, then Chile, Viet Nam, Turkey, United States of America, France, Italy, Romania respectively.

(Q.15) With which country Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has agreed to a USD 400 million currency swap facility till November 2022 ?
1) Japan
2) Sri Lanka
3) Thailand
4) Indonesia

Ans. :-(2) Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka
Capital – Colombo, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
Currency– Sri Lankan Rupee
President– Gotabaya Rajapaksa 
Prime Minister– Mahinda Rajapaksa 

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