Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 || 05 Jul 2020 ||

Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

05 JUL 2020

(Q.01) As per the Global E-waste Monitor 2020 report, the world dumped a record of how many million tonnes of e-waste in 2019?

  1. 35.3
  2. 41.7
  3. 49.1
  4. 53.6

Ans. :- (D) 53.6


(Q.02) In July 2020, which of the following has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase a controlling stake in JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals?

  1. KKR
  2. Blackstone Group
  3. TPG Capital
  4. General Atlantic

Ans. :- (A) KKR


(Q.03) The office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in New Delhi has taken steps to establish an Urban Forest in the Office Park. The urban forest will be self-sustainable by which year?

  1. 2020
  2. 2021
  3. 2022
  4. 2023

Ans. :- (B) 2021


(Q.04) Which of the following will invest Rs 20,000 crores on capacity expansion and infrastructure in Gujarat?

  1. National Mineral Development Corporation
  2. Vedanta
  3. ArcelorMittal Group
  4. Hindalco Industries

Ans. :- (C) ArcelorMittal Group


(Q.05) In July 2020, P Ramesh Kumar has been appointed as the State Chief Information Commissioner of which state?

  1. Telangana
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Kerala
  4. Tamil Nadu

Ans. :- (B) Andhra Pradesh


(Q.06) What is the name of the disinfection box developed by IIT Roorkee that can be used to sterilize personal belongings, medical equipment, PPE, apparels among others, against coronavirus?

  1. COVIDProtection
  2. ProSafe
  3. Healthify
  4. Unisaviour

Ans. :- (D) Unisaviour


(Q.07) Carlyle Group will buy how much per cent stake in Bharti Airtel’s data centre business for $235 million?

  1. 15
  2. 20
  3. 25
  4. 30

Ans. :- (C) 25


(Q.08) Which country has accumulated the world’s fifth-largest foreign exchange reserves at more than $500 billion?

  1. Russia
  2. India
  3. China
  4. USA

Ans. :- (B) India


(Q.09) What is the theme of the International Day of Cooperatives 2020?

  2. Cooperatives For Climate Action
  3. Sustainable societies through cooperation
  4. Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world

Ans. :- (B) Cooperatives for Climate Action


(Q.10) In July 2020, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has resigned. Who among the following has been appointed as the new prime minister?

  1. Marc Milton
  2. Jean Castex
  3. Raymond Soubie
  4. Roselyne Bachelot

Ans. :- (B) Jean Castex


(Q.11) In July 2020, All India Radio broadcast its first-ever news magazine programme in which language?

  1. Maithili
  2. Sanskrit
  3. Dogri
  4. Bodo

Ans. :- (B) Sanskrit


(Q.12) Who has launched the toolkit for Swachh Survekshan-2021?

  1. Amit Shah
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Piyush Goel
  4. Hardeep Singh Puri

Ans. :- (D) Hardeep Singh Puri


(Q.13) In which state, police have started a helpline service with the objective of controlling incidents of increased suicides?

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Karnataka
  4. Andhra Pradesh

Ans. :- (B) Madhya Pradesh


(Q.14) Which state has decided to start plasma therapy in the state in four of its hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 patients?

  1. Sikkim
  2. Punjab
  3. Haryana
  4. Odisha

Ans. :- (D) Odisha


(Q.15) Which of the following have formed a joint venture to develop solar and thermal power assets to the tune of 5,000 megawatts of power?

  1. GAIL India and Coal India Ltd
  2. NLC India Ltd and Coal India Ltd
  3. ITC Ltd and GAIL India
  4. NLC India Ltd and ITC Ltd

Ans. :- (B) NLC India Ltd and Coal India Ltd

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